Christian music's only established incubator organization

Fuse your history, talent and dream into a compelling ministry calling

Like our sibling business incubators across the globe, Incubator Creative Group exists to provide the unique nurturing needed to facilitate the birth of sustainable indie music ministries.

Incubator Creative Group, est. 1989

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20 Years Anniversary
Fern Ridge




What is Incubator?

Incubator is Christian music's only established Incubator organization. Like the 1,600+ other business incubators around the world, Incubator Creative Group exists to provide the unique nurturing needed to facilitate the birth of sustainable indie music ministries. Incubator is a transformation experience specifically designed for the emerging Christian artist. Combining artist development, recording, booking, management, niche marketing and promotion, Incubator Creative Group provides a nurturing environment for the launch and expansion of an interdependent music ministry. The 25+ year success story of Incubator is founded upon the promotion of personhood over product and work ethic over stardom. Incubator's Ministry Entrepreneur System provides a revolutionary alternative to the Christian music industry — a "road less traveled" to build a sustainable part-time or full-time music ministry for Christian artists throughout North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

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Incubator Creative Group divisions include Incubator Records, Cheshire Records, Incubator Music (ASCAP), Incubator Publishing, The Media Coop, Finding Your Five Voices™ System, The Patron Funding System, Songbabies™ Songwriting System, Hatch! Booking System™, The Ministry Entrepreneur™ System, The Online Ministry Office™, The Online Artist Manager™,, and The Music Ministry Accelerator™. The entire contents of this site are copyright 2009-2014 Incubator Creative Group, including the sound copyright on all audio materials. Unauthorized use is a violation of federal and international law and is subject to criminal prosecution. All rights reserved. Incubator is an innovative grouping of record label, artist management, artist development, and booking support for emerging artists in Christian music in the local church marketplace and beyond. Auditions with Incubator are offered on a limited and invitation-only basis. All graphic marks and logos contained on this page and throughout this site are the trademarks of the respective organizations as follows: "Incubator...hatching good stuff" logo is a trademark of Incubator Creative Group", "The Music Ministry Accelerator" logo is a trademark of Incubator Creative Group, "Fern Ridge Inspired By Nature" logo is a trademark of Fern Ridge Chamber of Commerce, "GMA" logo is a trademark of Gospel Music Association, "Oregon. We Love Dreamers." is a trademark of Brand Oregon, State of Oregon, "NBIA" logo is a trademark of the National Business Incubation Association, "AACC" logo is a trademark of the American Association of Christian Counselors, "Firefox" logo is a registered trademark of the Mozilla Foundation.

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