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**Turn on Remote Content to see images.** The Music Ministry Entrepreneur Explosion Conference
A Friday night & all day Saturday conference for taking your music and message beyond Sundays!
Mark your calendar for July 27-28, 2018 in Dallas, Texas for a revolutionary conference for the Christian artist to take your message and music outside the walls of your own church. This conference promises...
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First, the conference comes to you!
(then you come to the conference)
Step #1 of the Explosion is FREE!Step #1 of the Explosion is FREE and includes more than seven hours of online modules that you experience at your convenience prior to the live event. You are under no obligation to attend the live Explosion event, but the Step #1 modules prepare you if you do choose to attend. Since there's no charge for Step #1, be sure to grab this FREE world class training experience while space is available. Here's all you need to...
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**Turn on Remote Content to see images.** Reaching Out... Not Just Reaching Up. A conference about how to reach outside the church walls.
This Is Not A Worship Music Conference
This is NOT a conference on worship music or how to improve it in your church. The Explosion is a unique two step experience (online modules plus live event) focused on how to reach outside of the church and take your music and message to a hurting world. You'll learn seven innovative...
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How To Build A Part or Full-time Music Ministry
No indie artist theories, just actionable steps to build your ministry
The Music Ministry Entrepreneur system lays the foundation for The Explosion conference. It presents a concrete and common-sense plan to build a sustainable ministry enterprise. Instead of confusing indie artist theories, get actionable steps that create results. There are...
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Here's A Little Bit Of The Explosion Content...
Revoluntionary concepts to transform your music ministry
Implosion, Erosion, Explosion: Discover the possibilities of a Life Message Artist
Start Here Today...
Get schooled on the crazy landscape facing the Christian artist and how to take advantage of a virtually unknown niche. Catch a vision of the immense opportunity available to those who choose to live life as a Life Message Artist and Music Ministry Entrepreneur.
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Do You Suffer From The Crowd Virus?
Get a music ministry healing from a deadly assumption about the future of your music. Discover how to reinvent the value of each of your fans and uncover exciting new ways to engage with them. Did we mention this single concept can grow your ministry 10X?
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Are You Too Old for Music Ministry?
No Limitations...
With the Music Ministry Entrepreneur system, age is a non-issue. Being older can actually give you an advantage. Learn how to join the thousands of other youth-challenged Christians who are finally building a ministry later in life.
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Stop Peddling Products and Live Off The Back End!
The Big "Aha"...
Stop investing in costly front end products (albums, etc.) and discover the astounding concept of Back End. Move away from peddling your wares from place-to-place to building and engaging a Ministry Family with intention and strategy.
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How To Make Obscurity Work For You
The Secrets...
What if you could have deep and transformative impact on individuals and avoid all the posturing and promotion of the conventional musician approach? What if your ministry were sustainable without notoriety? Don’t miss this revolutionary session.
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Plus much more...
Free Bonus: The Non-Nashville BlueprintStep #1 (pre-event modules), the live event (Step #2) and the post-event online modules make up over 30 hours of high value training to take your ministry to the next level. Several bonus modules are...
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Incubator...the ministry label, celebrating 29 years in 2018.The Explosion is presented by Incubator... the ministry label. Incubator was established in 1989 and is the Christian music industry's only established incubator organization. "A record label releases records," says Incubator Founder, Nate Sakany, "a ministry label releases ministries." Visit www.IncubatorOnline.com for a free on-demand 29-minute online mentorship to discover more. Attendance at any live Explosion event requires completion of the Step #1 online modules (provided on a no-charge basis). There is a registration fee for the Step #2 live event, but you are not obligated to attend even if you complete the free Step #1 online modules. See www.ExplosionConference.com for more details. The Dallas live Explosion event is brought to you through the generous support of the following associates: Fred Willis/SoulProsper MediaGroup, Sandi Wilson/RiverStones.

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