The Incubator Audition and Application Process

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A Relationship And An Experience

Chances are, by the time you arrive at this web page, you've already learned quite a bit about Incubator from the rest of this web site. You will have noticed that Incubator is a relationship-based company. Consequently, we make decisions about the artists we choose to work with in the context of an ongoing relationship experience. The compatibility of an artist for our unique incubator system environment is evaluated on specific criteria. Some of the criteria (i.e. voice, talent) are straight forward. Others must be measured in the context of the 'patterns' of interaction sidebar between the artist and Incubator during the Application Process (which spans several months). By 'experiencing' each other we are both able to evaluate the effectiveness of our relationship. This relationship environment also gives us a chance to produce results together, an important pattern to witness before considering a more involved commitment together. We have refined this application system over our 23+ year history to provide a real-world way to judge mutual compatibility. You can't really understand Incubator by simply reading about us anymore than Incubator can really know you by just listening to your music. To truly know each other and intelligently consider an ongoing working relationship, we need a testing ground to establish our compatibility. Incubator is not for everyone. We may not be a good match with you. Determining that will take a little time. The Application Process is like dating and marriage. Would you seriously consider marrying someone you simply read about in an Internet profile? Of course not. You would date for a while, build a relationship, and experience what it's like to interact together before ever considering a long-term future together. In a similar way, Incubator's Application Process is a 'dating' process to judge our compatibility for a future working relationship.

Your Very FIrst Qualification...

Since an Incubator application is a relationship-building process, the very first requirement on your part is a willingness to take the time necessary to experience the process. After reading this web page outlining the Application Process, you can proceed with your first step (Compatibility Review & Pre-Qualification). This process begins with 12 free music ministry mentoring conversations at My Ministry Cafe, led by Nate Sakany (Founder & President of Incubator) and Tami Rowbotham (Vice-President). You will find the Incubator Application Process to be a valuable learning and discovery experience. Thousands of artists can attest to the high value of the process that transcends an audition outcome. If, after reviewing this web page and information, you are not willing to be patient and take the time to experience our Application Process then please do not start the Application Process. Your very first qualification is a willingness to take the time necessary to allow the Application Process to accomplish its objective.

Much More Than An Audition

Qualifying to work with Incubator is much more than a talent audition. It is not just standing on a cold stage and displaying your talent in a ‘cattle call’ experience. For us it is an Application Process — a relationship-building process. Only in the context of a relationship can a decision be made as to whether to enter a long-term relationship. So, every step of our Application Process is designed to help us get to know you, and for you to get to know us. We have created and refined a unique long-distance process to facilitate our Application Process (so you don't have to travel to meet us during the process). We are, admittedly, very picky about who we invite into the Incubator... but we make the Application Process helpful and fun regardless of the outcome. We operate from the belief that the signing of any artist to the Incubator roster is orchestrated by God. We're not in a big hurry, and you shouldn't be either! In fact, one of our evaluation criteria is your ability to relax and feel comfortable in the audition process.

Although only a small percentage of artists who apply qualify to be signed to a contract with Incubator, we understand that a large benefit of our Application Process is helping artists honestly discover whether a part-time or full-time music career is right for them – and where exactly they fit in. For artists making application, direction is a natural by-product of the process. Incubator is known for its brutal honesty, but also for targeted and insightful direction. Our Application Process allows us to screen candidates in the context of relationship. Good relationships simply take time to build. You probably have a lot of questions, and so do we! That's why our Application Process is so lengthy.

What Kind Of Artists Is Incubator Looking For?

Incubator's focus is working with music ministries who have a desire to move to the thriving level on a part-time or full-time basis. Some candidates are just starting to act on their dream to develop a music ministry. Others have accomplished some initial steps but have not yet established a thriving enterprise. Others have spent a good deal of time, energy and money in an effort to grow their ministry but remain frustrated. Some are weary of the lonely journey of trying to make sense of all the pieces and are in search of an understanding partner to assist them to build a sustainable music ministry. The building stages of music ministry are a very vulnerable and frustrating time, and it is for that unique season of an artist's career that the nurturing environment of Incubator Creative Group exists.

Simply put... if your ministry isn't thriving yet you are a candidate to apply with Incubator (regardless of how long you have been working at it). Because of Incubator's specialized design for the developing music ministry our systems are finely tuned to be especially productive for our clients who must merge the part-time activity of building a music ministry into an already full-time life. Our strong accountability systems encourage consistent efforts. But, we are also tightly attuned to the need for flexibility and adaptability that our clients demand when blending ministry entrepreneurship with the rest of their busy lives.

The Seven Stages Of The Incubator Application Process

The Application Process with Incubator has seven stages preceeded by a Compatibility Review. Each stage of the Application Process has a specific set of goals. As you succeed with each stage, you progress to the next. Each stage provides us both with an opportunity to interact and produce mutually satisfying results. At any point that you or Incubator deems it acceptable, the Application Process can simply terminate without further commitment or obligation.

PRE-QUALIFICATION: COMPATIBILITY REVIEW. Before officially beginning the Application Process with Incubator you complete a Compatibility Review (conducted via My Ministry Café). In addition to twelve free music ministry mentoring conversations at the Café, the Compatibility Review includes our three interactive online training modules called, The Non-Nashville Blueprint: An Alternate Framework For Sustainable Part-time or Full-time Music Ministry. In addition to providing you with insightful and useful training for your music ministry, The Non-Nashville Blueprint gives you a chance to get to know Incubator and the values that drive us. Your interaction in the training modules gives Incubator a chance to get to know you. This process serves as a compatibility assessment to determine whether a formal Application Process makes sense for you. The Compatibility Review also insures that your computer is correctly configured to take advantage of Incubator's media and interactive online systems which is integral to your Application Process. Pending your successful completion of the Compatibility Review and training modules and available application space, you will be invited to continue your Application Process with Incubator. sidebar2


STAGE #1: INITIATION OF THE APPLICATION PROCESS. Pending your successful completion of the Compatibility Review (above) you will be extended an invitation to begin the Application Process. Openings for applications are offered on a limited basis, by invitation only. You initiate the start of your Application Process with a special online Application Request Form (A.R.F.). There is no cost to start the Application Process or complete the online form. Your request to apply will either proceed immediately or you will have the opportunity to be on a waiting list for the next available application slot. When an appointment space opens for you, you move on to Stage #2.

STAGE #2: TALENT SCREENING & REVIEW. The second stage of your Application Process is a review of your talent and music via a recorded demo. This is accomplished through any online media you have available or demothe upload of an MP3 demo to our web site. We will review and evaluate your demo. Artists meeting our criteria will move on to Stage #3 and we will prepare a personal audio critique of your talent demo (Your receipt of the talent review audio report requires qualifying and advancing through to Stage #5.) The Talent Screening process can take 1-2 weeks to complete. There is no cost for Stage #2 of the Application Process.

red arrow pointing rightSTAGE #3: APPLICATION PRIMER. This stage involves an expanded explanation of the Application Process and a general overview of Incubator and several practical tips for moving through the Application Process. You will experience a revealing and fun 54-minute webinar from Incubator's President 7waysentitled, Seven Sure-Fire Ways To Lose Your Shirt In Christian Music (and what to wear instead) and you will complete a short online Application Primer form (the story about the cat and rat ranch is priceless and worth all the effort just to hear it!). Pending Incubator's approval of your Application Primer, you will proceed to Stage #4. There is no cost for Stage #3 of the Application Process.

STAGE #4: THE MUSIC MINISTRY ADVENTURE™. An invaluable benefit of the Application Process is an online interactive artist development workshop entitled, The Music Ministry Adventure™. It is available for all applicants that successfully complete the first three stages of the Application Process. The 6-hour, one-day workshop is experienced online from the convenience of your home and is scheduled for you at an available time frame through the Incubator Artist mmaRelations office. The workshop provides eye-opening insights about the music industry and inspiring practical tips for growing a Christian music ministry, as well as an expanded overview of Incubator and its operational values and structure. The Adventure™ has received raving reports from thousands of artists around the world and is the premier resource for a commonsense strategy to blend ministry and business. Normally $399, The Adventure is provided at a special discounted rate of $199 for those qualifying through Stage #3 of the Application Process. Pending your successful completion of The Music Ministry Adventure™, you will proceed to Stage #5.

STAGE #5: THE MUSIC MINISTRY ACCELERATOR™. Pending your success in the first four stages of the Application Process, you will be extended a 90-day probationary invitation into Incubator's exclusive Music Ministry Accelerator™ (MMX). The MMX an invitation-only music ministry accelerator. As the name implies, the MMX is designed to accelerate the growth of your music ministry. But it serves a second important role as the exclusive community from which Incubator chooses artists for its official artist roster. Through a unique online virtual office, a proprietary Online Artist Manager and Artist Management Modules you will begin a simple process of ministry development under the direction of Incubator. mmxThis environment simulates (on a smaller scale) a working relationship between you and Incubator. The MMX can be simply a testing ground for continuing to evaluate the compatibility between you and Incubator or it can become a stand-alone option for your continued work with Incubator on a non-contract basis. The specific structure of an ongoing working relationship with Incubator is finalized during the initial months of working in the MMX. Pending the successful completion of Stage Five, your probationary membership in the MMX can be made more permanent.

Membership in the MMX is always on a month-by-month basis with no contracts or obligations. There is a $349 Set Up Fee upon enrollment in the MMX, and your first month of membership is included in that Set Up Fee. Continuing monthly membership rates in the MMX are $197 per month. Artists moving to Stage #6 will eventually see revenues generated by their enterprise offsetting these membership fees. The MMX provides a multiple month experience simulating the typical work environment for an Incubator client on a non-contract basis with no ongoing obligations or commitments. This provides the 'real-world' experience that is the foundation of Incubator's qualification process.

STAGE #6: MINISTRY DEVELOPMENT OPTIONS. Those successfully moving through the first five stages of the Application Process will be presented with options for the continued development of their music ministry. A major focus of Stage #6 is creating a sustainable cashflow to capitalize ministry growth. Continuing membership in The Music Ministry Accelerator™ will maintain the structured and practical incubator environment to encourage consistent ministry growth. For those who qualify, a long-term development and management contract with Incubator provides for a split of revenues that guarantees you a net percentage of every dollar generated by our work together. Incubator's compensation is tied to our success in helping you generate revenues to support your music ministry enterprise (the details of this agreement are discussed at length during Stage #5.) Because of this structure, the overall Application Process allows Incubator to evaluate an artist's potential to succeed in the Incubator system (and therefore project the potential revenues and commissions).


STAGE #7 AND BEYOND. Incubator contract artists continue to expand and develop their music ministries. Many clients contentedly stay with us for many years. Other's outpace the incubator environment and graduate to explore other opportunities on their own or within our network of affiliated companies. Every advancement within Incubator is based upon measurable patterns of productivity for your enterprise. If you produce ongoing ministry and business results you are extended additional benefits and/or contracts that support your continued enterprise growth. Incubator recording contracts range from projects funded 100% hatcheryby Incubator (recouped through product sales) to creative financing arrangements that share production costs and risks. Song publishing contracts follow industry standard terms and provide administrative services for royalties management. Development of additional products for your ministry can be facilitated through The Content Hatchery™, a product generator providing leadership, creative support, and production to aid you in originating your own expansive catalog of front end and back end products and services to extend the reach and depth of your ministry.

Please note: Incubator does not accept unsolicited audition materials, demos, or promotional materials (so please do not send them at this time). We cannot guarantee you a place in a specific audition or the start of the Application Process. All applications are offered on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to the sole discretion of Incubator.

If you feel you are a candidate for an application with Incubator or would like to find out if you are compatible with our unique ministry building systems, please visit My MInistry Café (see below).

Auditions are currently open on a restricted basis. Find out if you can qualify and tap into FREE music ministry mentoring conversations. The conversations are led by Incubator Founder and President, Nate Sakany, and Incubator Vice-President, Tami Rowbotham.



For FREE Music Ministry Mentoring Conversations