We have a very different viewpoint of artist management...

Doing Small In A Big Way, Nathan SakanyThe way I see it, success is all about how you manage it. You might describe the Incubator experience as ‘dynamic artist development through innovative artist management’. One of my basic designs for the company was to provide the kind of management relationship that is relevant to the unique needs of the early stage artist. This allows you to accurately identify and then ‘grow into’ your own unique music ministry. 

Traditional artist management in the music industry serves the role of taking an already established artist to the next industry level. By contrast, Incubator artist management is geared to move an un-established artist from the idea, dream or ‘fledgling’ stage to the thriving level. This creates a ministry that produces ongoing demand. Because the needs of an emerging artist are unique and specific, you need advice that is relevant to that early stage (not a much more advanced stage). The initial goal it to create a functioning enterprise that is producing results and growing a marketplace for the artist’s ministry.  That’s a complex process. The objectivity and accountability needed to accurately identify and navigate through the ‘market identification process’ is overwhelming and nearly impossible for the emerging artist stranded and alone in the process. In addition, because 97% of the live performance opportunities available to the emerging artist are typically rooted in the local church marketplace, experienced and relevant artist management is crucial. You need insightful understanding of the unique realities and psychology of that marketplace. Proven leadership will help you make every stroke count.  You won’t waste valuable time, money, or resources on activities that don’t contribute to the production of a ministry that creates demand.

As the name implies, Incubator' focus is nurturing the early stage music ministry to the thriving level. It is all about growth and transformation. A hallmark of the Incubator experience is meaningful change at a core level. Incubator is an ideal environment for an artist who is wise enough to know that they need objective outside perspective. We're not just interested in polishing up what you've already got. We want to dig deeper on lots of levels and launch from those solid foundations. The Incubator experience is a constant challenge to grow, learn, and welcome transformation. Incubator’s proprietary Finding Your Five Voices™ System will guide you to develop a 'growing lifestyle’ that will produce ‘good stuff’ for years to come.