How can I blend my life, history, talent and dream into a compelling ministry calling?

Incubator is Christian music's only established Incubator organization. Like the 1,600+ other business incubators around the world, Incubator Creative Group exists to provide the unique nurturing needed to facilitate the birth of sustainable indie music ministries. Incubator is a transformation experience specifically designed for the emerging Christian artist. Combining artist development, recording, booking, management, niche marketing and promotion, Incubator Creative Group provides a nurturing environment for the launch and expansion of an interdependent music ministry. The 25+ year success story of Incubator is founded upon the promotion of personhood over product and work ethic over stardom. Incubator's Ministry Entrepreneur System™ provides a revolutionary alternative to the Christian music industry — a "road less traveled" to build a sustainable part-time or full-time music ministry for Christian artists throughout North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.