The Incubator Artist Roster

Thanks for your interest in our roster of artists. The Incubator roster is an elite group of creative folks that have the ‘right stuff’ to qualify for Incubator’s strict standards. We’re not just looking for talented people. We require character, commitment, a solid work ethic, and a dedication to growth and transformation. We expect results, courage, patience and an undying tenacity to your ministry vision. We hold roster artist’s accountable to proving the authenticity of their desires by applying themselves to “doing the stuff” it takes to be successful. The standards to remain on the Incubator roster are high and we’ve been known to ‘fire’ clients for their failure to apply themselves to their vision. The badge of ‘Incubator Roster Artist’ does not come lightly. The roster represents artists at many levels – from just getting started in growing their music ministry to Incubator recording artists who make it their full-time career. These ministries represent artistic testimonies of brokenness gone good: struggles away from sexual abuse, depression, hypocrisy, suicide, addictions, people pleasing, religious blindness, and a host of other “don’t talk about it” subjects. These are caring artists, sharing honest stories and music on the no-hype platform of the local church. Their stories are not always flamboyant, but they are honestly rooted in a unique life story that connects with their audience at a deep human level.

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